Technology Adoption in Education

Some time ago, I wrote a thesis on the Adoption of Technology in Education. When discussing this various players, I realised that writing a paper on the use of technology in teaching scenarios may be of use.  As with most things, we learn by moving from simple to progressively more complex concepts and scenarios. Despite this, education authorities and institutions attempt to drive their educators to complex deployments of technology without mastering the basics.

Here is a paper describing progressive adoption and use of technology in teaching. I would appreciate feedback and comments.

Adopting Education Technology Solutions


Lecture at Wits School of Governance

Mike Hamilton will be presenting a lecture in the WSG Wednesday Conversation Series on the 17th May.

Topic:  Embracing Technology and Adapting Processes to Support Blended and Online Learning


Mike Hamilton will focus on four key points and discuss in the context of tertiary educational delivery:

  • Technological and economic pressures that come to bear on traditional educational models
  • The appropriateness of educational delivery methods in relation to learning maturity levels
  • Principles of effective learning facilitation, alleviating fears of faculty regarding the impact of technology
  • Purposeful use of technology to support specific teaching and learning processes

Date: Wed  17/05/2017 Time: 12:30-14:00 

After the lecture, a video will be posted as a mini-lecture on this site, and be available on demand.