Comb-Communications Installer Course

Installer of Comb Communication intercoms, keypads and other devices will benefit by taking this course.

This course is broken into the following modules:
– Foundation and General Theory
– Comb Introduction and Deployment Approach
– Intercom Installation and Devices
– Web Site (Portal)
– Software Tools and Accessories

In the Introduction and General Theory Module, discussions focus on:
– Access Control Components and Approaches
– Access Control Risks and Mitigation
– Cellular Data Messaging and Network Services
– Relay Theory and Application

In the Comb Introduction and Deployment Approach Module, discussions focus on:
– System Conceptual Design
– System History, Versions and Model Comparisons
– On-Location Services and Activities
– Web Site (Portal Services and Activities
– Site Planning for Deployment
– Organisations, Users, Roles

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